BULB MUST BE LED. Do not use Incandescent or Fluorescent bulbs because they may overheat and be a fire hazard.


Use a bulb with an E26 (medium) base. This is the standard base for light bulbs.


The color temperature should be between 4000 - 6000 K. Bulbs in this color temperature range are often marketed as "Daylight" bulbs. 


Aim for a lumen output of above 800 lumens. The higher the lumen output, the faster your produce will grow, but the more power the bulb will consume. The bulb that came with your Nanofarm is a 1000 lumen bulb. The Lumen output is typically listed on the box (see pictures)


The diameter of the bulb should be less than 2.5 inches, so when it's screwed into the socket it doesn't touch the top of the Nanofarm. Most bulbs should fit, but be aware that very large bulb shapes will not fit. 


Changing the bulb: Unplug your Nanofarm. Wait 30 minutes for the bulb to cool off. Turn bulb counterclockwise to unscrew. Screw replacement bulb clockwise to install. 


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