How to make your own plant pads

Fill tray until the water level touches the bottom of the plant pad holder. Do not overfill, or your seeds will drown.

Place a sheet of paper towel on the plant pad holder so it hangs off the edge. Only about 1-2 inches needs to hang off the plant pad holder.

Place plant pad holder in tray. Water will wick up onto the paper towel and wet it completely.

Spread your seeds. Spread them densely for microgreens and sparsely for full-sized herbs and greens. 

Place a layer of paper towels over the seeds, pressing down so the top layer of paper towels gets soaked through as well.

Place the tray in your Nanofarm. Wait a few days for your seeds to germinate.

Once you see greens poking up, it's time to remove the top layer of paper towels and add fertilizer.

Remove the top layer of paper towels.

Lift the plant pad holder and add a water soluble fertilizer to the tray. Miracle-Gro makes one that is available at any home improvement store, but organic options are available as well. Use the mixing instructions on the product. Compost tea can also be used for a DIY option. 

Watch your plants grow and harvest when they're ready. Pull the base paper towel off the plant pad holder when you've finished harvesting.

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